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Michal Martyniuk x YaniKa - “New Things” (Eric Kupper Remix) (Remix by Eric Kupper )

Eric Kulpers, a renowned DJ and producer, has released his remix of Martyniuk and YaniKa's latest dance/house single "New Things." Kulpers, known for his signature dance and house sound, has added his own flair to the track, resulting in a fresh and energetic remix.

Kulpers' remix of "New Things" maintains the original track's driving beat and catchy melodies, but adds a more upbeat and danceable vibe. Kulpers' expert production skills and attention to detail are on full display in this remix, making it a must-listen for fans of dance and house music.

Martyniuk and YaniKa's original track, "New Things," is a catchy and upbeat dance track that is sure to get listeners moving. Combined with Kulpers' energetic remix, the track is a perfect addition to any dance or house playlist. The remix is available to stream now on all major platforms.


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