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Miasma - "Clouded"

As a retro synth wave producer, Miasma's latest single "Clouded" transports listeners to the neon-drenched world of Tron. The infectious drum beats and mesmerizing synths create a captivating soundscape that is both futuristic and nostalgic. Miasma's production style captures the essence of the synth wave genre, paying homage to the past while pushing the boundaries of modern electronic music.

Miasma's talent for creating immersive soundscapes is evident in "Clouded," as the track builds from a dreamy, atmospheric opening to a pulsing, energetic climax. The retro-futuristic production is complemented by Miasma's evocative vocals, which add an emotional depth to the track.

As a whole, "Clouded" is a thrilling and engaging listen that showcases Miasma's skill as a synth wave producer. Fans of the genre will find plenty to love in this track, while those new to synth wave will be drawn in by its captivating sound and infectious beats.


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