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Mercury Salad - "Hot Sauce 2.0" (Radio Edit)

Welcoming Mercury Salad with "Hot Sauce 2.0" (Radio Edit). The musicians tell us "Hot Sauce is a rare jam of vintage acoustic fun. Be sure to blast it in your car while driving along the beach with the window rolled down. Everybody in Mercury Salad grew up listening to George Clinton, as he is from our hometown. This one is dedicated to the Mothership and we hope you love it." We think we were very tied to the vocals big time, there is a jazzy feeling that makes us feel like we are having a good time in a lounge. The instrumental as well feels quite full and does an amazing job at pulling you in, and making you want more. The lyricism is something that is quite interesting as well, its on the lighter and funner side we think, really just making you feel good over all. Listen below for yourself.


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