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Man City Sirens - "Love Is So Sweet"

Introducing Man City Sirens, with their latest single "Love Is So Sweet". Man City Sirens, a five-piece Australian indie rock band from Melbourne, is an eclectic ideation of Brit-rock oriented music: melodious, lyrical, emotional, blending the fluency of pop and the revelry of rock. ‘Love Is So Sweet’s’ catchy melody and vocals, enhanced by a beautiful nylon- string guitar solo provided by second guitarist and harmony vocalist Davide Musolino, belies the song’s bittersweet lyrics. If you want to know the truth this wasn't something that i was grasped to right away, when listening to the record i left it on while doing something, because it was listen-to-able. That's when i knew... i didn't like it. I loved it. What is very reminiscent to some of the vintage sounds of the 60's works in todays time and we hope to hear more.


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