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Mamoosh - "Zara"

Welcoming Mamoosh with the latest single "Zara". "Zara" is the first track of Mamooshs release ‘City Escape’ its a Lo-fi Beats EP incl. 5 brand new tracks, with relaxed-yet-driving hip hop beats, dreamy-yet-catchy melodies, and lots of attention to detail and ear candy. The single to us is extremely calming and really makes up for a single to deliver vibes both in the day time or at night time. The single feels like morning dew we think. That feeling of refreshment in the single is just strong we think. The sounds are refreshing, the mix is refreshing. Alot from the single is simply strong and we think we would hear this on lofi girl or chilled cat all day. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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