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Madison - "Without You Tonight"

Introducing Madison today, a new artist on our radar and yet another artist that is amazing to the ears on the new year. ‘Without You Tonight’ came to life in Madison’s home studio in Canberra. She wrote, recorded and arranged the demo of the track there herself. In the intimate and cosy studio, she spent hours deep into the night laying down the melody and lyrics and layering harmonies for the song. It was one of several demos in a playlist of ideas she sent to producer Oliver Lundstrom to work on, and they both felt this track would be the perfect track to introduce Madison to the world. The single starts off with an ambient piano that is very reminiscent to Lana Del Rey we think deeply, and then shortly after we hear amazing vocals opening up, with even more amazing and thoughful lyrics. The single is about love and being drawn into deep emotion from another person. The lyrics consist of drowning, despiration, and the inability to breath. The single to us is very reminiscent to a James Bond opening single especialy in the beggining, we wold reccomend this to anyone who enjoys Sia, and Billie Eilish.


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