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Macro/micro - "VoE"

Introducing "VoE" by Macro/micro, a mesmerizing instrumental odyssey crafted for the fashion runway event, Velocity of Emotion. The changes in the single is something awesome we think. This is something really different to us we think big time. This experimental electronic masterpiece is a downtempo, ambient journey that encapsulates a full spectrum of emotions, perfectly aligning with the essence of Lever Couture's Fall 2023 collection debut. Imagine the serene calm beginnings, the intricate struggle, and the ultimate return to tranquility all woven into an expansive piece. We think VoE takes us on a long, circuitous route through soundscapes that resonate with the moody, and chill vibes reminiscent of the works of Daniel Avery, and Nils Frahm. When we heard it we immediately thought it was something for the runway, we could just Invision fierce catwalking by extremely hot people to this. The piece is a testament to the power of music in conveying complex emotions without uttering a single word, making it an ideal backdrop for the expressive world of fashion we think, its something that you could see models cat walk on for sure. Listen below now to see for yourself.


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