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M4TR (Music 4 The Revolution) - "No Tomorrow"

Welcoming M4TR (Music 4 The Revolution), a genre-bending band that brings rebellious dance-rock from the Retro-Future to your ears. Their latest track, "No Tomorrow," is a funky dance anthem inspired by the legendary Nile Rodgers, serving as a powerful reminder of how Cold War culture is making a comeback. In the '80s, Armageddon seemed imminent, but amidst the uncertainty, art prevailed.

M4TR defines their unique sound as a fusion of synthwave, disco, punk, blues, funk, soul, and rap, all living on eternally in their distant plane on the space-time continuum. With influences like Daft Punk, CHIC, Duran Duran, and Prince, their music is an energetic, happy, and epic blend that will have you hitting the dance floor in no time.

At the core of M4TR's mission is "Music 4 The Revolution," creating a musical utopia in the midst of social dystopia. Their songs range from exploring themes of evolution, revolution, and devolution to commenting on activism, technology, trolls, billionaires, and everything in between. With their dynamic lineup, including AJ Solaris on vocals and synths, Laura Cosmosa on vocals and percussion, Mark Galaxion on vocals and guitars, Rich Technovator on bass, and Owen Velocity on drums, their performances have graced stages like Jammin Java, Union Stage, Black Cat, and more. Listen below to the performance!


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