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Lyhre Introducing Her Soothing Track "sad cyborg"

Introducing upcoming artist Lyhre who projects very soothing sounds that will certainly grasp your ears. They are an electronic artist formed by Anitha who's a producer, singer and songwriter and it's completed by Daniel who is a producer from Berlin. Their music can be described under the genre indie-electronica and is rather placed between the chairs of defined categories. Dark synth textures, unusual compositions and a fragile voice with special melodies reminiscent of the early 90's immediately trigger movement and open a space in which anything is possible and everyone is welcome. The name derives from the fictional speaker or the voice of the poem and thus their music sees itself more as a narrative than as following the structures of contemporary music. Following the release of their newest single "sad cyborg" they bring out a very nostalgic sound that will definitely make you wanna listen to this repeatedly. Starting the track with a soft and slow beat leading onto her smooth and luscious vocals. She completes the track entirely to the production to the vocals she perceive's a very euphoric feel to the overall track. To explain the track further it's about an identity problem. With being human... It is above all about crossing borders. Based on a social constructivist view in which lines of difference, i.e. social, societal or psychological manifestations are produced performatively through action and are not essentialistically present, I see this as inevitable in order to smash patriarchal structures and consistently asymmetrical power relations. It would be perfect for a late night drive or just hanging out with friends. Go stream "sad cyborg" and check out their discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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