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Lua Faye Introduces Her Stunning Single "Bodies"

Introducing an amazing artist known as Lua Faye she's an alt/pop artist located in the DMV and records in Annandale, VA. Currently working on releasing her first album OVERCAST which will feature 9 songs including a remake of her current single "Bodies". The project contains mental themes and dynamics from my last relationship. Every track is different from one another as she is constantly exploring her sound. With the release of her newest single "Bodies", she projects a very captivating sound that will definitely grasp your ears. Starting with slow and seductive instrumentation leading onto her sweet and lively vocals she completes the song entirely. To explain the track a bit further it's a "situationship" anthem. She wrote this when she was being strung along, "you don't even want me, you just love my body, and I don't got nobody so baby I'm cool with that.". The song is about incompatibility, and submissiveness towards the situation. Sometimes we choose to follow emotion over rational thinking. Moments like these are cycles we stay in because it feels good at the moment. To the vocals and production, this song will definitely have you vibing. Being just perfect for a late-night drive or alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Bodies".



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