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Loki's Folly - "Beaches and Peaches"

Loki's Folly, a sibling trio from South Minneapolis, has been making waves with their debut album Sisu and their new single "Beaches and Peaches". The band's music is a captivating blend of indie-punk with playful and frolicking vocals against a frenetic instrumental pileup. Their music speaks to the complex emotional landscape of modern adolescence, and they do it with a freeing, punky abandon.

Annie (age 21) plays guitar and sings, Nissa (age 16) plays the drums and sings, and Oskar (age 12) plays the bass. Each brings their unique personality to the music, resulting in a sound gelled from their shared upbringing. The band's energetic and passionate live shows have garnered a devoted fan base from long-time Minnesota musicians, and they have been asked to support hometown shows for artists like Soul Asylum, Haley, Gramma’s Boyfriend, The Melismatics, and Ryan and Pony.

"Beaches and Peaches" is the perfect example of the band's ability to make punk rock fun and approachable, even when tackling complex topics like climate change, politics, and the future of humanity. The band members want to bring humor into the anxiety surrounding these topics, and they do so with their playful lyrics and frenetic instrumentals. The song is part of their debut album Sisu, which showcases the band's unique sound and individuality.

Loki's Folly's music is a fresh take on punk rock, with the band members' youth bringing an undeniable energy and enthusiasm to their music. The sibling trio's music is a must-listen for anyone looking for a unique and fresh take on punk rock.


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