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Limon Limon Return With "Honey Blossom"

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and all of the flowers in your garden are in full bloom. Blending elements of Indie, Bossanova and R&B, ‘Honey Blossom’ is a distinct and refreshing fusion of genres. The song features a full arsenal of acoustic instruments including flute, acoustic guitar, Cuica (the Brazilian "monkey drum"), bongos and an upright grand piano. ‘Honey Blossom’ is that relaxing weekend morning your ears have been searching for. Limon Limon is back on our page with another feel good single but different from their other works. The single has an upbeat jazz sound that pays homage to the Bossanova sound, who doesn't love Bossanova? The instrumental as usual is amazing to the T, and vocals are to die for here with warmth. With the lyrics "Sweet like nectar, I remember" stuck in our head." The single is comparable to the smooth and jazzy sounds of Anderson Paak to us, listen below to hear what we mean!



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