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Leon Frear - "A Morning House"

Leon Frear's Debut Solo Album, "Wild Rice," and Its First Single, "A Morning House"

Leon Frear, a musician hailing from the musically historic Athens, Georgia, has recently released his debut solo album, "Wild Rice." The album features ten solid tracks that cover a range of emotions, from happy to sad. With a style that falls into the alternative rock genre, Frear's music is deeply personal, inspired by a period of heartbreak and reflection in his life.

The album's first single, "A Morning House," was chosen for its dream-like quality and powerful lyrics. Frear recounts how the song came to him in a dream, where he was watching a band play in a bright green field with a white farmhouse. The dream inspired the song's structure, lyrics, and instrumentation, and Frear immediately began singing the parts of the song into his phone upon waking up. He considers it the first morning he woke up as Leon Frear.

The song has a happy yet wistful tone, with lyrics that reflect on love, lust, broken promises, and incinerated bridges. The instrumentation is lush and dreamy, with acoustic guitar and piano backed by a full band. Frear's vocals are emotive and raw, conveying a sense of vulnerability and honesty.

Frear recorded and produced the entire album in his bedroom studio, which adds to the intimate and personal feel of the music. The songs on "Wild Rice" cover a range of emotions and experiences, from heartbreak to healing, and the album is a testament to Frear's musical talent and ability to create music that connects with listeners.

Overall, "Wild Rice" and its first single, "A Morning House," showcase Leon Frear's unique musical style and his ability to create deeply personal and moving music. With this debut album, Frear is sure to gain a following of fans who connect with his experiences and emotions through his music.


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