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Lav.Lew - "Vision"

Introducing Lav.Lew today with his latest single "Vision". Lav.Lew is an upcoming melodic rapper from South Florida. Lav.Lew is a storyteller and tells emotional stories that he and his loved ones have been through. Lav.Lew has been making music his whole life but just began recording and releasing it, and his strong melodic flow, and genuine energy and feeling he puts on every track has began to build a fanbase everywhere people hear him. The single to us is very romancing to us in the same way that its hard due to the instrumental and 808, the artist does wonders the way he floats on top of the instrumental, simply gliding with his amazing lyrics that grab you right from the start. The hook will have you absolutely hooked, we think this is for the enjoyers of Rod Wave, Listen below and see for yourself.


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