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Laura Wolf - "Alluvial Fan"

In the vast and diverse world of music, there are artists who defy categorization and seamlessly blend genres to create something truly unique. One such artist is Laura Wolf, a talented producer, cellist, and singer whose musical creations are a delightful fusion of off-kilter chamber-pop arrangements and intricate sound design. Recently, Laura Wolf released her upcoming album, titled "Shelf Life," via Whatever's Clever. This album represents the latest snapshot in Laura's evolution from a lifelong classical musician to an electronic producer. The majority of the album was self-recorded in 2020, with Laura utilizing her parent's attic near New Haven and her apartment in Providence as makeshift recording studios. The result is a mesmerizing patchwork of playful sound design, orchestral fragments, industrial samples, and intimate vocals. One of the standout tracks from the album is the new single, "Calligraphy and Calculations." This captivating song originated from a clarinet riff sample sent to Laura by a friend during a time when she was mourning the loss of her grandmother. Inspired by the fascinating Wikipedia page of Kane Tanaka, the oldest person alive at the time, whose favorite pastimes were listed as "calligraphy and calculations," Laura embarked on a musical journey. She skillfully crafted a synth composite using cello, clarinet, and vocal samples, intertwined with a captivating beat-driven world. Through this song, Laura explores both the mundane moments of life and the habits that keep one's spirit alive. Collaborating frequently in-studio and on stage with various artists, Laura's solo project serves as a playground for experimentation and homespun production. Her pop collages, often featuring cello and driven by synths and programmed drums, consistently embrace glitchy sound design, orchestral fragments, and ethereal vocals. Her live performances are an immersive experience, where analog, digital, and whimsical experimentalism converge. In 2019, Laura Wolf faced a challenging period when she underwent emergency intestinal surgery, which left her bedridden and forced her to cancel a cross-country tour and a planned move. During this time, she reevaluated her musical identity, transforming from an artist who predominantly performed live to one who thrived autonomously in the home studio format. Fueled by a desire to master music production, Laura immersed herself in learning Ableton and recording techniques, spending countless hours in her parent's attic-turned-recording studio. This phase of rapid creative evolution resulted in the creation of two EPs. The first, "Artifacts" (2021), unintentionally possessed a charming glitchy quality, serving as a precursor to the more deliberate follow-up, "Shelf Life." From its meticulously crafted sound palette to its poignant lyrics, the album is a gradual unspooling of the interplay between original sources and manipulated samples, facts, and memories. With a profound exploration of family folklore and genetic testing, Laura wrote "Shelf Life" as a means to mourn her maternal grandmother and confront the genetic disease. The album delves into life after trauma and reflects on how to navigate the inevitable decay we encounter. During the winter of 2021, Laura Wolf collaborated with Zubin Hensler (known for his work with The Westerlies, Half Waif, and Fleet Foxes) to mix her arrangements and breathe life into the EPs, paying homage to their patchwork process. One of the notable tracks from "Shelf Life" is "Alluvial Fan," which serves as the album's opening song. It is a confident and head-bobbing electronic pop piece that perfectly showcases Laura's signature sugary vocals. The track embodies the essence of the album, combining intricate musical elements with personal inspirations derived from Laura's exploration of her family tree during her grandmother's illness. Laura Wolf's musical journey is an inspiring testament to artistic growth and the power of self-expression. With her genre-defying compositions, she invites listeners into a world where classical foundations meld with electronic experimentation, and vulnerability intertwines with resolute creativity. As her album "Shelf Life" hits the airwaves, we listen to the musical tapestry she weaves and the emotions it evokes. Laura Wolf is an artist to watch, and her impact on the music scene is poised to be nothing short of extraordinary.


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