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Laura Brizuela - "Right Cheek"

German-Paraguayan singer-songwriter Laura Brizuela is back in the spotlight with her latest release, "Right Cheek," available through Embassy of Music. In this nu-disco track, Brizuela delivers an empowering and feel-good anthem that touches on themes of self-acceptance and liberation from the pressures of people-pleasing. Brizuela's journey to "Right Cheek" began with her previous single, "EMOJI," in which she bid farewell to the superficiality of the dating scene. With "Right Cheek," she takes a deeper dive into self-expression and self-love. The song's lyrics celebrate the beauty of embracing one's true self without conforming to the expectations of others. The track's genesis is an interesting one. Brizuela was in her apartment when she heard the accordion playing in the studio. Suddenly, the chorus melody and lyrics for "Right Cheek" came to her, and she began singing. This spontaneous moment of inspiration led to the creation of a song that beautifully captures the transformation from seeking external validation to reveling in self-approval. "Right Cheek" speaks to the heart of individuality and authenticity, encouraging listeners to let go of societal expectations and dance to the beat of their own hearts. Through Brizuela's smooth vocals and a catchy melody, the song resonates deeply, offering a powerful reminder that embracing one's true self is the path to genuine happiness and fulfillment. It's an anthem for those who've dared to be themselves, despite the world's pressures to conform. With "Right Cheek," Laura Brizuela not only showcases her talent as a singer and songwriter but also delivers a message of empowerment and self-acceptance that's bound to resonate with a wide range of audiences. Her distinctive sound, paired with the disco-infused beats of this track, presents a refreshing and enjoyable musical experience. Brizuela's music is making waves, and her message of self-love and authenticity is one that many can relate to and embrace. Listen below.


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