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La Vie Sauvage x Pet Snake - "Hedonism on Repeat"

Introducing La Vie Sauvage x Pet Snake with the latest single "Hedonism on Repeat". The musicians get together to deliver something within the single that absolutely makes you want to move we think. ‘Hedonism on Repeat’ is the second track with Emma (Pet Snake) for La Vie Sauvage his upcoming album ‘Rite of Passage’. Fusing an escapist theme inspired by the chaotic state the world is in, a good dose of nihilism for balance and lush 80’s inspired vocals and production. The artist' really deliver something here reminiscent to the 80s we think, there is a vintage feeling here within the single that just makes you feel good as well. The vocals and the beat make up for a beautiful combination. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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