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Kingsley Q - "By Your Side"

Welcoming back Kingsley Q with his latest gem, "By Your Side," a track that brilliantly encapsulates the essence of Contemporary R&B and Synthpop with a commercial flair. Fresh from his new EP "Out of the Shadows," which just made its debut, "By Your Side" is a testament to Kingsley Q's evolving artistry and unique sound. The single is primarily about resilience and support. It tells the story of a person, broken yet hopeful, finding solace and strength in the presence of someone steadfast. This electro R&B, Pop urban-inspired track is a perfect blend of emotion and rhythm, resonating with anyone who has ever sought or found that strong shoulder to lean on. Kingsley Q, with his German-Ghanaian roots, brings a distinctive flavor to his music. Merging pop and R&B elements with an eclectic mix of genres like urban-electronic, house, and afro, he creates a sound that's unmistakably his. The single is a vibrant showcase of his talent, featuring radio-ready vocals and a beat that's irresistibly danceable, conjuring images of island vibes and carefree times. This track stands out for its ability to make you feel and move at the same time. It's a song that fits perfectly in a playlist meant for relaxing yet also finds its place in any dance or party mix. The balance between chill and energetic moods, coupled with its experimental undertones, makes "By Your Side" a compelling listen. Listen below now.


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