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King Falcon - "Ready Set Go"

King Falcon, comprised of Michael Rubin, James Terranova, and Tom Diognardi, is a musical trio that is about to take the rock scene by storm with their exhilarating self-titled debut album, set to be released under Mascot Records. With a modern sound infused with a hint of vintage guitar, King Falcon pushes the boundaries of musical genres and captivates audiences with their fresh and ultra-catchy songwriting sensibility. Lead singer-songwriter and guitarist Michael Rubin reveals that the songs on their debut album speak to the experiences of being little weird outcasts finding their way in the world. This underlying theme adds depth and relatability to their music, resonating with listeners who have felt like outsiders at some point in their lives. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists such as the Black Keys, Jack White, Cage the Elephant, The Strokes, Royal Blood, and The Killers, King Falcon combines edgy rock swagger with indie-rock adventurousness. The result is a unique sound that brims with garage guitar riffage, power pop choruses, soulfully melodic lead vocals, and vibrant indie-rock atmospherics. The production of the album is helmed by Marshall Altman, known for his work with Tom Morello, Frank Ballard, and Matt Nathanson, while the mixing is expertly handled by 12-time Grammy-nominated engineer and producer Mark Needham, who has collaborated with renowned acts such as The Killers, Imagine Dragons, and Fleetwood Mac. With such a talented team behind them, King Falcon's debut album promises to be a sonically rich and captivating experience. The album itself tells a powerful story of friendship, self-growth, and the courage to pursue a rock 'n' roll fantasy. It embodies the essence of rock music and showcases the band's evolution as musicians and individuals. Michael Rubin's journey with music began through a rather unconventional path. Initially introduced to the guitar through the video game Guitar Hero, Rubin's father humorously challenged him to learn to play a real guitar. Taking this as a personal dare, Rubin acquired a guitar and embarked on his musical journey. This anecdote highlights the power of inspiration and the unexpected paths that lead individuals to their passions.

Before forming King Falcon, Rubin and James Terranova, childhood friends and bandmates, began their musical journey together in a band called The Inoculated Canaries. With a strong foundation in Classic Rock, Pop, and Ska, the band toured extensively, performing their original music throughout the Tri-State area. Their dedication and talent led them to showcase at renowned events such as the SXSW conference in Austin and the NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA. Excited to explore a new sound, Rubin and Terranova formed King Falcon and later added their long-time friend Tom Diognardi on drums. The trio released the funky and infectious single "Shake! Shake! Shake!" in 2020, just before the pandemic disrupted their plans. However, they used the unexpected downtime to their advantage and sent their single "When The Party Is Over" to various record labels. This track, representing Rubin's personal journey of convincing himself and his parents that he could make a career out of playing guitar, caught the attention of Ron Burman, President of Mascot Record Label, who awarded King Falcon a recording contract. One of the standout tracks from their debut album is "Everybody's Down," a sugar rush of punk-pop anthems and strutting riff-based indie rock. The song's catchy, feel-good vibes are underscored by empowering lyrics that speak to the experience of being an outcast and the determination to not surrender to societal expectations. Another notable track, "Ready Set Go," captures the frenetic energy of their hometown, New York City, with its supercharged indie blues-rock sound. Produced by Marshall Altman and mixed by Mark Needham, this song exudes the essence of the band's musical style and sets the stage for the forthcoming album. The release of "Ready Set Go" is accompanied by a cinematic music video, shot on the streets of Manhattan, which follows Rubin's race to make it to a show on time. The video showcases the band's commitment to their craft, as they sprint around the city while carrying their gear. The video also includes an amusing incident where James accidentally breaks off one of the door handles on Tom's car, resulting in Tom having to open it with his fingernails for the rest of the scene. These lighthearted moments highlight the band's camaraderie and dedication to creating engaging visual experiences. With their debut album on the horizon and a string of live shows and tours planned, King Falcon is poised to make a significant impact on the rock music scene. Their journey from outcasts to rising stars is a testament to their unwavering dedication and belief in their rock 'n' roll fantasy. As Michael Rubin reflects on their journey, he acknowledges the challenges they have faced and the determination required to reach this point. Their story serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and reminds us that success often comes from embracing the journey and persevering through obstacles. King Falcon is a musical trio that effortlessly blends modern and vintage influences to create a captivating sound. With their self-titled debut album, produced by Marshall Altman and mixed by Mark Needham, they invite listeners into a world of catchy melodies, powerful lyrics, and electrifying energy. As they prepare to unleash their music to the world, King Falcon is poised to soar to new heights and leave an indelible mark on the rock music landscape. Get ready to join the flock and embark on an unforgettable musical journey with King Falcon.


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