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Kid Filthy - "Astro"

Kid Filthy is a mysterious and talented rapper who has just released a new single called "Astro." Not much is known about Kid Filthy, but his music speaks for itself. "Astro" is a powerful and hard-hitting rap track that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre.

According to Kid Filthy, "Astro" was produced by Jub, Marleau, and mr. stee, and it combines drill influence with orchestral strings, all tied together by Kid Filthy's powerful delivery and lyricism. The result is a song that is both energetic and emotional, and it is sure to get your heart racing.

Kid Filthy is a young and up-and-coming artist who is making waves in the world of rap. His music is raw and real, and it has a lot of potential. If you're a fan of rap music and you're looking for something new and exciting, then you need to check out Kid Filthy and his latest single "Astro." This is an artist who is sure to make waves in the music world.


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