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Kenny Potter - "I'm Sorry, Sir"

Kenny Potter, self-produced 15-year-old singer and writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently pushing out catchy and relatable pop tracks straight from his bedroom. Spending most of his time recording music that feels special to him. "i'm sorry, sir" is the outcome of Kenny's girlfriend's dad highly disliking him. It encapsulates feelings of regret, depression, and heartache He'd been tackled with when he began writing. The single is a very heartfelt one that is very reminiscent to some other songs of the past with the , "i'm sorry mom/pop that we're in love" like Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, or Outkast' Ms. Jackson. The single has a lot of influence from Kennys heroe's we would greatly suspect, the single feels very DIY, and we can't wait to see how Kenny Potter grows. Listen below.


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