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Kelsie Kimberlin - "Fruit Basket"

With her 2020 debut "Lobotomy," addressing people's growing tendency to forgo critical thinking, Kelsie Kimberlin made musical audiences flock to her expressed perspectives on society and her rooted authenticity ever-present in each single. She has shared over a dozen more releases since then and has already recorded more than 150 original songs with half a dozen music videos. In her latest single "Fruit Basket," featuring Colombian singer and producer Pedro Vengoechea, Kimberlin's love for Latin music shines through in this upbeat, feel-good track. The smooth and spritely vocal timbre adds a welcomed splash of sonic color, with classical guitar playing and driving drum beats furthering the distinctive musical aesthetic. The accompanying music video, shot in Cartagena, Colombia, captures the vibrant culture and joy exuding from Kimberlin's performance. Ultimately, Kimberlin is not just a singer by craft, but an artist with creativity at the core of her personality.


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