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Karim Naas x Kelsey Gill - "Feel Alone"

Introducing Karim Naas x Kelsey Gill with "Feel Alone". The musicians deliver a great collaboration here. Passion, authenticity and generosity are what Karim Naas channels through his music. In 2020, the critically acclaimed 21-year-old producer and DJ has laid a solid foundation for his career with over 5 million streams and 1,2 million video views. The single to us the single is an absolute club banger here we think for sure, the artist delivers a very tough mix here, the kick is something that you just feel in your chest, through and through. The vocals feel like a party, as this might end up being a party anthom. The vocals within the track are spaceous and the artist really is delicate here. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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