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Kaiwei - "Identity"

Kaiwei unveils the instrumental gem "Identity." This track, marked by its dark and energetic tones, serves as a testament to Kaiwei's ability to create sonic landscapes that captivate and immerse listeners. "Identity" emerges as a part of a larger album crafted entirely from samples of friends recording at home during the pandemic. This unique approach not only lends a personal touch to the music but also captures the essence of a collective experience shared during times of isolation. The instrumental prowess of "Identity" is evident in its ability to blend gritty and atmospheric elements seamlessly. The dark wave influences intertwine with cyberpunk aesthetics, creating a sonic tapestry that feels both futuristic and rooted in the ambient textures of the present. The inclusion of glitch hop elements adds an extra layer of complexity, contributing to the track's overall sense of dynamism. Listen below now.


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