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Jordan Looney - "A Pirate's Life"

Introducing Jordan Looney and his latest track "A Pirate's Life." This smooth soul rap piece takes a page from Kendrick Lamar's book but spins its own narrative. The vibe is laid-back, thanks in part to the Rhodes, or should I say, piano melodies that weave through the track. It's this unique sound that sets Jordan apart. Different flavors from Soul to Boom Bap we think here. You can't help but notice the chill mood that envelops this song. It's like a smooth, smokey haze that you can't help but get lost in. On the writing, the single is the kind you nod your head to without even realizing. Jordan Looney is in good company with artists like Westside Gunn, Anderson .Paak, Freddie Gibbs, and Big K.R.I.T. His mission is to create music that's not just for listening, but for living better. Listen now.


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