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John Newman - "Guiding Light"

Introducing John Newman with "Guiding Light". This single is not just another addition to Newman's discography we think; it's something else entirely, it holds a special place in his heart as an ode to his newly born daughter. Released by Xploded Music Limited and featuring on the Smash The House label, the track is a harmonious blend of Electro Pop, Dance Pop, and EDM we think.

The moods full with sprinkles of happy, romantic, and epic—a trifecta that defintely reflects the feelings of new fatherhood. If you're a fan of artists like Rudimental, Calvin Harris, Jonas Blue, or The Chainsmokers, this is a track you won't want to miss.

John Newman's soulful vocals set the tone, laying the groundwork over cinematic melodies that gradually build into a strong kick and bassline. The track showcases synths, offering listeners an aural experience that is both uplifting like a big-room dance track and edgy with its techno bassline. It's a smooth blend that we think captures both the mainstream and the underground, the smooth mix delivered is mainstream as well as the lyrics, but the instrumental underground making "Guiding Light" a versatile gem in the world of electronic music. In John Newman's own words, "'Guiding Light' is a track that I felt I needed to produce for my daughter. Having this new life with us has been so inspiring. I love the idea that I can make songs for her that she can listen to throughout her lifetime, with 'Guiding Light' being the first." Listen now.


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