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Jayne Doe - "Welcome to Hollywood"

Introducing Jayne Doe, Born and raised in Hawai’i, 21 year old, Sydney Agudong aka Jayne Doe, made her first on-stage debut at 18 months old, and knew that’s where she belonged. The multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar, ukulele) spent her childhood years singing in local talent shows and competitions, receiving awards and recognition at every stop. Her latest single "Welcome To Hollywood" is a very vibrant single that reminds us of the heat from the sun its so warm. The beggining starts off a bit emotional with a voice mail of what sounds like two partners in an altercation or argument. We then begin to hear a beautiful and luscious voice, what is Jayne Doe. The artist does a hell of a job with controlling her very wide range as we could tell from the teasing in the quietness and then louder as the track grows more. The singer sings to us about heart ache and pain. Listen below.


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