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JAYCiX - "PIECES" (feat. Kafeeno)

Introducing JAYCiX with the latest single "PIECES" (feat. Kafeeno). The musician tells us "PIECES is the newest single by JAYCiX featuring Kafeeno. The song has a bouncy dance house vibe with great sound and lyrics from the vocal. The song grows as it progresses with each drop more complex and layered than the last. It is fully mixed and mastered and I really think you will enjoy it!" We do tend to enjoy it, so we think the artist was succesful. Almost doing everything himself within the single aside from the feature, the artist really shows that they are in control of their own destiny with the ability to mix, master and do it all within the single. Its not often you come across someone like this, so you have to treasure it when you find it. The single makes you want to sweat and move your body. Listen below.


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