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Jahsy - "luv"

Introducing Jahsy with his latest track, "luv." This piece stands outwith its chill, experimental, and somewhat sad tones we think. Jahsy, an artist shrouded in mystery, offers a fresh voice in the underground circuit, where the less is known, the more intriguing the sound.

The track "luv" showcases Jahsy's embrace of autotune, which melds into the cloud rap ambiance, enveloping the listener in a thick, immersive beat. The production might remind one of Steve Lacy’s eclectic style—a blend of intimate vocals with a bold, experimental backdrop.

We think that the track hasa a distinct sound that Jahsy brings forward is characterized by its rich base that carries a weight similar to the emotional depth of the lyrics. "Luv" is an experience designed to resonate with the feelings of its audience, connecting through shared sentiments of love, loss, and the complexities in between. Listen below now!


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