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Jacques-Pierre - "Catwalk"

Welcoming the latest groove from Jacques-Pierre, "Catwalk," a vibrant track that marks their second release with Artistfy Music. This French-German duo, consisting of Giuliano Loli and Nils Wrasse, continues to impress with their unique blend of retro soul and nu-disco, infused with happy and energetic moods. "Catwalk" stands out not only for its infectious beat but also for the captivating vocals of Icelandic singer Hrafnhildur Ingólfsdóttir. The collaboration brings a delightful mix of smooth rhythms and soft, enchanting vocals, creating a sound that's both refreshing and reminiscent of classic soul with a modern twist. Following their first single "Water Bottoms," "Catwalk" further establishes Jacques-Pierre as a duo to watch in the music scene. Their ability to merge different styles into a cohesive and enjoyable sound showcases their talent and promises more exciting releases in the future. We think you're in search of a track that combines the best of retro soul, nu-disco, and impeccable vocals, "Catwalk" by Jacques-Pierre is your go-to. Let the happy, energetic vibes lift your spirits and get you moving. Listen now and dive into the stylish world of Jacques-Pierre and Hrafnhildur Ingólfsdóttir. Listen below now!


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