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J.Ossom - "Sing to Me"

Introducing J.Ossom with "Sing to Me". Sing to Me" by J.Ossom is a melodic anthem that weaves complex emotions into an irresistible beat. This track is a versatile banger, designed to resonate whether you're at the club, driving in your car, or sweating it out at the gym we think. Released by Paradigm Records, the single evokes moods that are simultaneously happy, romantic, and chill we think, big time. Its tonal spectrum places it in the company of heavy-hitters like Drake, J. Cole, Future, DJ Khaled, and Kanye West.

Hailing from North Texas, J.Ossom brings an original style influenced by the Southern rap scene but not confined to it. Born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas, J.Ossom combines his life experiences as a former student-athlete turned entrepreneur into lyrics that are unique to the everyday listener with his own experience. The essence of "Sing to Me" lies in its complicated yet relatable narrative about a woman with whom J.Ossom envisions having children. Yet, their relationship is fraught with complexities. The song is an ode to the notion that anyone can be your dream girl if they just say the right things—words that can both elevate and complicate love. Listen below now.


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