Introducing U.K based artist "Broughton"

Broughton is an artist that recently appeared on our radar, The U.K artist' single "Underachiever" is a grimey, hard hitting sleeper record. Reminding us of Octavian. Blending the styles of rap and drill music, It seems as though he can't be classified with a specific genre. Underachiever starts with a melancholy, sad, sounding violin. Expressing that you can't cheat death even if you're a cheater, this record hits home. He tells us the story of him being an underdog, "i need to take take off and escape, and relocate". The tale of the underdog never gets old. Another character in this record sounds like the reaper himself, as the song progresses it almost sounds like a confession of hard times, the reaper being the bad in this artists life, greed, superficiality, fake-ness. This is for when you need to turn up when you're alone. Do you think he might be talking about ego death?




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