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Introducing Tendavillage With "Waiting For Your Love"

Tendavillage is a Canadian based musical group that blends soul, rnb, funk and jazz while featuring soulful vocals, hard grooving beats a la dilla and lyrics with a sense of humour. The saying "timing is everything" isn't wrong. Sometimes you fall for someone at a time when for whatever reason they are not able to love you back. Sometimes the reason is they're heartbroken over someone else, or maybe they're just not ready for what you're offering them. When you're in love, it can be very hard to just accept this. So sometimes, if you believe the person is truly worth waiting for, you'll do just that. Tendavillage tells us "I feel like this song should come with a disclaimer: "DON'T DO THIS!!". I wrote this song before I truly learned that if someone is not jumping at the chance to be with you, move on- period. Not to say waiting for someone always ends in catastrophe (but in my case, it did). At the very least, through this very difficult experience I was able to write one of my favorite original songs." The single is a vibrant, dance until you can't dance anymore, type of single. For most this is the perfect track to kick back, go over your day and relax. The singing here is grand with the vibratos as well and the singer is definitely showing range, you have to take a listen below!



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