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Introducing Night Heron With "Dreamz"

Night Heron is a sparse synth and guitar slow jam project from Portland, OR. The music is some approximation of 80's Quiet Storm. (including members of Radiation City, Y La Bamba, Reptaliens, Aan, et al.) The new single "Dreamz" is very smooth and reminiscent of a sample that I can't name on the top of my head, although that may be a sign of how unique sounding the single is at the same time. The single sounds very vintage but still has a flavor of the influences of today. Reminding us of Tame Impala with how full the song sounds and the instruments used which sounded like the track was crafted with A Juno or Korg. The music video of the single stars as expected a bit, A young pair of individuals dancing for a brief moment, but during it's really something you wouldn't really expect but you can't help keep looking at it as it just eases you and puts you in a different state, take a listen below.


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