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Introducing Khiusttin with "Estamos Arriba"

Khiusttin is someone I personally know before making music, When first listening to "Estamos Arriba" I didn't know what to expect starting off. "This song is the lead single to my upcoming album "Cruel Intentions" The single, although being in spanish in the beginning, the artist throws in spanglish in the record. It's simply just awesome and just a vibe. It's reminiscent to J Balvin, and Bad Bunny to us. Not a lot is known about the artist because he's still relatively new, (all I know is that the artist is cuban from the accent) but without a doubt this is an artist to keep a close eye on. What I love about this is that again, I didn't have major expectations, without a bio, or telling us much, the record speaks for itself. I can almost see the future with this artist if he keeps it up... Latin and English community eating it up. Take a listen to "Estamos Arriba" now.



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