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Introducing ELYAZ With "Remember Home"

Gifted music producer, singer and musician ELYAZ (Mauro Elias Morone) has always lent a unique sensibility and feeling to his compositions and arrangements, which all comes from a burning musical passion inside. He puts everything of himself into his work, taking a global approach to music production. With a delicate touch for Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering, he achieves total creative control and freedom, combined with his guitar playing, piano and voice. A traveler finds a mysterious radio in an abandoned garage. A story is hiding, memories of a forgotten journey are revealed. Distant lives await to be told on a never ending ride. The connection between space and time flashes by among the city lights. We are all travelers, keepers of our past, fighting the night playing rock ‘n’ roll, dancing the night in a disco show, we will explore the world. The single is very reminiscent to The Weeknds single "Blinding Lights" bigly in its essence of being a late night drive single that you can put on and just go anywhere without having a care in the world. The vocals do more than deliver here and the backing vocals on top of them are welcoming to the ears. While more work can be done with following music we cant wait to hear the development of the aspiring artist. "Remember Home" is something that you simply would've heard on the radio all day in 1985. Just imagine getting out of watching Back To The Future, and this being the first thing you hear when turning on the radio, thats how we feel. Watch the music video below.


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