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Introducing Ehirobo With "Pool"

Ehiorobo’s chameleonic, expansive sound traverses the space between experimental R&B, rap, jazz and noise punk. Equal parts soulful, poignant and zany, his output is as multifaceted as his unique personality and upbringing. "Pool" is the lead single from Ehiorobo's forthcoming sophomore LP, Joltjacket (out on December 10, 2021). The track itself resembles a tender wish, or a soul-filled calling that a lover might send to another. It's delicate but also climactic, poetic, far-reaching and intense. We were trying to capture young Black love that had gone awry, shared between two creative individuals out in the vast frontier of NYC. To us the vocalist makes us feel as though he is inspired by the likes of Frank Ocean, Sampha and Giveon with the luscious and amazingly performed vocals and runs, and certain effects where you just fall into the record.




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