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Introducing Dami With "Lost" Ft. Hunnid Percent

Lost is one of the vulnerable songs Dami has ever written, Dami wrote it about not knowing where to go when the forest around is completely dark. The artist used the first verse to talk about how he is the "lost one" and talk about all the different places that he has wondered about while finding his way. During the second verse, which is more vulnerable, Dami talks to his own brother not knowing where to go in life anymore, lost with substance abuse, after failing to get into medical school for the last time. Luckily Dami's producer 'Hunnid percent' does the short auto-tune outro at the end and played trumpet throughout, which is why he is listed as a feature. The single is very reminiscent to logic in a sense of the flows and rapping cadence we think which we simply love and appreciate deeply, we can admire the inspiration and aspirations to become a lyricist, a true one at that. With help from the production as well, producer Hunnied Percent does well showing support for Dami within the production. Could this be the new Logic and 6ix? Listen below.


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