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Introducing "Edge of Time" by INSTANT WELLBEING, a versatile and captivating single released by Plattenfirma to go, blending Synthpop with a touch of Indie-Rock, Hardrock, Metal, Alternative/Electro-Rock, EDM, Electronic, and Alternative R&B. This track really echoes a style that could be likened to a German Justin Timberlake, especially with its sharper vocals set against an experimental beat. The single stands out with its experimental beat and sharp vocals, offering listeners a fresh and intriguing take on Synthpop. INSTANT WELLBEING's ability to weave together different languages into the lyrics adds a layer of complexity and allure to the song, making it a standout track in the contemporary music scene. With "Edge of Time," INSTANT WELLBEING invites listeners into a world where music transcends boundaries and genres meld seamlessly. The song's epic and dark undertones are perfectly balanced with a chill vibe, creating an atmosphere that is both introspective and relaxing. Listen now and experience the unique musical world of INSTANT WELLBEING.


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