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Inna Meth - "Nine Times Out of Ten"

Welcoming Inna Meth with "Nine Times Out of Ten". This track doesn't just carry beats; it carries stories, emotions, and a vivid narrative that draws you into its intricate world. This UK Hip-Hop gem takes you on a journey through memories of travel and psychedelic experiences, weaving them together with insights gained from altered states of consciousness.

"Nine Times Out of Ten" isn't your run-of-the-mill Hip-Hop track; it's an experience. The songwriters, with poetic precision, paint surreal landscapes through their lyrics, making you feel like you're traversing the boundaries of reality and imagination. The hauntingly moody tone and experimental elements of the track envelope you in a different realm altogether, where stories are intertwined with the mystique of altered consciousness.

Inna Meth, a collective of talented emcee/producers hailing from the southwest of England, have honed their craft to perfection. Comprising of Grand Sutra, Gambit, Lplate, and Slim Brown, Inna Meth stands as the creative core of Inner Method Records. This formation is the culmination of years of personal growth, reflection, and artistic maturation. The result is a musical force ready to unveil their creations to the world.

"Nine Times Out of Ten" shines a spotlight on Inna Meth's penchant for delivering rich, thought-provoking lyrics over captivating beats. The crew's ability to blend their real-life stories and memories with references to altered states of consciousness is nothing short of masterful. This track isn't just music; it's a piece of their souls, laid bare for listeners to connect with.


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