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Infinity Rose - "Move With Love"

Meet Infinity Rose, a dynamic husband and wife duo ready to serenade your soul with their debut single, "Move With Love." As they embark on their musical journey, this talented pair offers a taste of what's to come from their forthcoming album—a project brimming with the sweet, soulful sounds of the late 70s, infused with the essence of their personal romance.

Their music falls under the captivating genre of Neo-SoulFunk, a genre that marries the smooth sophistication of neo-soul with the groovy, timeless funk vibes. Listening to "Move With Love," you'll find yourself submerged in a world of sensuality, tranquility, and romance. The moods they evoke in their music are nothing short of intoxicating—sexy, chill, and deeply romantic.

If you're a fan of artists like Thee Sacred Souls, Al Green, Alabama Shakes, or Swamp Dogg, you'll discover Infinity Rose to be a mesmerizing addition to your playlist. Their sound is a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary allure. While it pays homage to the soul classics of the 70s, it also deftly incorporates modern R&B elements, making it stand out as a fresh and distinctive voice in the California music scene.

The band's lineup is a harmonious fusion of talent: Noelle Proffit and Jake Martin provide soulful vocals and intricate guitar melodies, Ethan Herrera keeps the rhythm alive with drums and percussion, Frank Hudson lays down the groovy basslines, and Nicolas James Scott adds depth with his piano and keyboard skills. Together, they create a musical experience that transports you to a place where love, soul, and funk intertwine.

So, if you're looking for a musical journey that moves your heart and feet in equal measure, give Infinity Rose a listen. With "Move With Love" as just a taste of what's in store, their debut album promises to be a soulful, romantic, and unforgettable experience that you won't want to miss. Get ready to groove, California-style, with Infinity Rose. Listen now.


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