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Indigo Mateo With Her Vibrant Track "Restart"

Indigo Mateo is a Puerto Rican, Honduran, Salvadoran American singer-songwriter who can be described as a real-life cartoon character. While visiting and meeting producer Richie Reseda in Soledad prison in 2017, Indigo performed her song “Praise the Lorde” and was signed to the social impact record label, Question Culture, on the spot. After the production of her first album, Intuition, executive produced by Richie Reseda, Indigo was offered and accepted the opportunity to co-own the label in 2019. Now 27, Indigo is working on her sophomore album, Singleplayer, due to drop summer 2021; which showcases breakup bops, rap anthems and all around main character energy. Alongside Aloe Blacc and Vic Mensa, Indigo contributed to the Defund the Sheriff album release in 2020 with her melodious and thoughtful song “Here Rn.” Recently her latest single “YQYG” hit 1.5 millions plays on TikTok. Across the states, Indigo’s healing songs and laughter are recognized, especially in NY, NJ and California. In 2018, she opened the MLK Day Parade in LA, and her art and activism has appeared on AfroPunk’s Solution Session Panel, as well as i-D Magazine. With the release of her newest single "Restart", she projects a very soothing track that will definitely captivate your ears. Starting with soothing instrumentation leading onto her sweet and soft vocals she completes the track fully. Explaining this single further it's about that familiar feeling of looking back a little too fondly on a toxic relationship. With the addictive single, Indigo knows it’s completely natural to wish things had turned out different, pleading “I want us to start over.” To the vocals and production, this track will surely bring some peace while having you reminiscing on maybe a past relationship. It would be just perfect for a late-night drive or alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Restart"!.



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