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Imani Wj Wright - "Stand Still"

Imani Wj Wright is a classically trained 21 year old musician from Baltimore, Maryland who's won numerous accolades for his musical skills. We have listened to his music a few times before, We already know that he's the real deal because it almost looks like he loves being live more than being in a studio currently. I admire that because these days theres a lot of bedroom artists, and this artist differentiates himself with trying to build in audience face to face. His voice is reminiscent to me of Black Atlass from the XO label owned by The Weeknd. His writing sounds very genuine and his vocal style is not something you hear everyday, his writing is interesting as well and it keeps you listening, although theres imperfections in the record the idea is there and clear. The beat is almost like a lofi beat, and the vocal mix has parts of distortion when he goes in his high range but all in all, he's a prolific writer and we hope to hear more.



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