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Hu11 - “I'm Your Farm”

Today, experimental musician Hu11 announces his latest single "I'm Your Farm," a unique blend of live instruments, vocals, electronics, and musique concréte tape manipulation.

Tom Tolleson, also known as Hu11, is known for his use of experimental processes, code, and electroacoustic instrument performances to create emotionally engaging and artistically challenging music. His work is less thematic and more focused on recontextualizing sounds into entirely new, vibrant landscapes.

His classical works, such as "Merry Guesswork" for piano and string quartet, have garnered critical praise. One review from Obscure Sound describes the track as "an enjoyable journey of a track, successfully navigating a creative soundscape led by eclectic piano tones and string-laden accompaniments."

In addition to his work as a composer and performer, Tolleson has also been working as a producer and DJ under the name Hu11 since 1995. He began working with samplers, sequencers, and field recorders in London before returning to the U.S. to create multi-channel works for the Harvestworks compilation.

"I'm Your Farm" is a beautiful and unique track that showcases Hu11's talent for creating emotionally engaging music. Be on the lookout for more from this exciting artist, and in the meantime, give "I'm Your Farm" a listen and let yourself be drawn into Hu11's vibrant soundscapes.


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