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Harrison Lipton With His Groovy Track "Happiness!?"

Upcoming artist Harrison Lipton is a 26-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer. This Brooklyn artist is a musical genius that resides in the intersection of indie, RnB, soul, and pop music. Lipton prides himself on fully realizing a track from start to finish: leading the charge with songwriting, producing, and mixing, as well as creative direction, Lipton’s music is a product of his singular imagination, presenting a style that is sincere, authentic and all his own. Now focusing on his forthcoming EP Strawberryys, Lipton emerges as a promising and unique voice, blending soulful singing with clean and catchy production. 

Introducing his latest single "Happiness!?" it's a really capturing track that anyone listening will surely love. Beginning with a dreamy but yet funky leading onto his sweet and soft spoken vocals. The track is perfect just to drive around with friends or watching a sunset at the beach. To explain the story behind the track it's about feeling that happiness in the moment with someone, you both know it's going to end soon but you continue to enjoy those little moments with that person. It's a perfect story of two people that sometimes it isn't the right time or just that right person. This heartfelt track is filled with a great melody and the overall track is just amazing. Lipton also has interesting things coming up such as an EP, plus an animated music video too called "Strawberryys". Make sure to be on the look out for those and stream his new track "Happiness?!"



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