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Hanegi Koen - "Mikan"

Step into a world where moody and experimental music meets the haunting beauty of nature – Hanegi Koen's debut single, "Mikan," sets the stage for a mesmerizing sonic journey that blurs the lines between genres. This instrumental piece defies easy categorization, residing at the intersection of Indie Electronic, Post Rock, and Indietronica. The absence of lyrics allows the music to speak in its own enigmatic language, pulling listeners into a world of emotions and introspection.

Hanegi Koen, a Japan-based creative duo comprising British filmmaker Sam King and Canadian label head Sean Mallion of ADSR Collective, presents "Mikan" as the lead track from their debut LP, 'The Nature of Nature'. If you're a fan of artists like Explosions In The Sky, Bullion, or Bonobo, this sonic exploration will likely resonate with you.

The soul of "Mikan" is embedded in its moody, dark, and experimental tones. It conjures a sense of mystery, akin to the deep, untouched corners of a forest. The track's layers of sound, drawn from analog instruments and drum machines, create an immersive experience that's both haunting and captivating. Hanegi Koen's commitment to analog instruments, away from the digital realm, enhances the authenticity of their sound.

'The Nature of Nature' is aptly titled, as the album pays homage to the profound influence of the natural world. The duo draws inspiration from the seasons, capturing the essence of moments like cherry blossoms falling, rainy days, and thunderstorms. These influences are ingeniously woven into the fabric of their music, often accompanied by field recordings that deepen the atmospheric richness.

Hanegi Koen's music is a reflection of their connection with nature, and it's a sensation they invite listeners to experience. The duo's preference for analog instruments aligns with their desire to disconnect from the digital world and immerse themselves in the raw authenticity of sound. This ethos, combined with their love for Japan's captivating landscapes, resonates deeply throughout their work.

As you listen to "Mikan" and the upcoming album, prepare to be transported into an ethereal realm where soundscapes mirror the wonders of nature. Hanegi Koen's innovative fusion of genres and dedication to analog instrumentation create a unique and captivating auditory experience. Just as their name references a tranquil park, their music offers a sonic sanctuary for those seeking a break from the mundane. Listen now and relax.


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