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Gooseberry - "Orbit"

Brooklyn, New York is known for its vibrant music scene, and among its rising stars is the indie rock trio Gooseberry. Formed during the Fall of 2019, Gooseberry consists of Asa Daniels on guitar and vocals, Evin Rossington on drums, and Will Hammond on bass. Together, they create a unique blend of alternative rock, indie, and blues, resulting in a sound that is truly their own. Since the release of their debut EP, "Broken Dance," in 2022, Gooseberry has been making waves in the music industry. Their music has resonated with audiences and critics alike, amassing hundreds of thousands of streams and receiving praise from notable publications such as Under the Radar and Ones to Watch. However, despite their growing success, Gooseberry remains grounded and focused on what they do best: playing live shows. Deeply connected to the NYC and Brooklyn music scenes, they have captivated audiences at renowned venues like Baby's All Right and the Knitting Factory. Their performances have not only showcased their talent but also solidified their place within the local community. As Daniels explains, "We are super fortunate to call a lot of really great - and buzzing - NYC bands our friends. We feel ourselves part of that community and eternally grateful for being welcomed with such open arms. Our hometown has truly shaped what this band has become." In addition to their local shows, Gooseberry has taken their music on the road, touring along the east coast. They have shared stages with both emerging local acts and established touring bands, further expanding their reach and gaining valuable experience along the way. With their newest release "Orbit," which can be argued as a love song. Daniels himself shares his interpretation, stating, "Though I suppose it’s really about the selfishness that is required for an artist to chase such an ill-fated pursuit with such single-minded obsession as is needed for fame and success in this industry." The song explores the selfishness and sacrifices inherent in pursuing a career in music, knowing that it may disrupt and potentially unravel meaningful relationships outside of the art. Despite its self-awareness of this selfishness, the song carries a poignant emotional weight, making the sting of love all the more present. Musically, "Orbit" is a powerful blues-rock anthem, showcasing the band's prowess and commitment to their craft. With their unapologetic grit and captivating sound, Gooseberry is a force to be reckoned with in the indie rock scene. Their ability to infuse alternative rock, indie, and blues into their music sets them apart, while their dynamic live performances continue to draw audiences in. As Gooseberry continues to make their mark, it's clear that they are a band to watch, both for their unique sound and their unwavering dedication to their craft.


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