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Gazers - “Wings”

Gazers' latest single "Wings" is an amazing beat that is sure to transport listeners back to the 80s. With its fusion of rock, electronic, and beyond, this track is a standout release from producer Gazers. According to the artist, "Wings" was inspired by Depeche Mode and other synthwave acts, and it has a melancholic feel as it was created in honor of the loss of a friend.

Gazers is a collaborative project brought to you by Hangman and Taraen (Robbert van Bruggen and Johann Hackl). Their music spans a wide range of genres, making them a must-listen for anyone who loves fusion, rock, and electronic music.

Overall, "Wings" is a must-listen for fans of synthwave and anyone looking for a nostalgicically upbeat track to add to their playlist. So why not give Gazers a listen and see what this talented producer has in store? You can find their music on all major streaming services.


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