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Garry With Two R's - "Ima Ball"

Garry With Two R's is a rapper and producer from Las Vegas, NV, who describes his music as rap/hip-hop, conscious hip-hop, and alternative hip-hop. His single "Ima Ball" is a high-energy and motivational track that celebrates living life to the fullest. Garry's lyrics are poetic and showcase his carefree and young-spirited personality, as he raps about having fun and feeling successful.

In addition to his music, Garry is also active on Twitch, where he streams live performances and creates new songs every night. He has recorded and mixed over 130 songs on the platform, showcasing his prolific output and dedication to his craft. Garry's music is a testament to his strength and resilience, as he has overcome cancer and continues to pursue his passion for hip-hop with unbridled enthusiasm. "Ima Ball" is a great example of his infectious energy and positive outlook on life.


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