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Gao The Arsonist - "Bleed"

"Gao the Arsonist" is a UK-based Alternative Hip Hop artist and producer who utilizes a meshed variety of sounds and styles to convey his often vulnerable, introspective thoughts. His multifaceted sonic character fluctuates between dark, gritty aggression and heartfelt sorrow, showcasing the breadth of his versatility and reflecting the unstable turbulence that is humanity itself. "BLEED" is a scathing commentary on how capitalism has conditioned us to base human value on productivity. Gao’s manic, skittering production is laced with irony-clad lyrics, verses proudly declaring that fulfillment is found through self-destructive amounts of work. Gao also challenges the sentiment that the suffering you endure indicates how much happiness you deserve. The single is something very reminiscent to something that we imagine hearing and bumping to during a late night after either working all day or up to something, on Adult Swim. We say that because the instrumental is expieremental but keeps the elemental roots that inspired the single in the tune. We think lofi elements were used for inspiration on top of u.k garage as well. The vocals are purely luscious, take a listen below.


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